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About b2

b2DataStream is a boutique development firm that explores business opportunities and creates innovative technical solutions. We have attacked diverse verticals from Global Air Cargo, Oil and Gas, Pharma, VR and Housing/Finance spaces. We have participated in very early stage startups, and incubated our own, that have generated over $680M annually. Our principal and architectural lead has a long history as a business owner and tech entrepreneur. We get finding untapped opportunities, creating groundbreaking tech that disrupts industries, growing a company as an asset and creating early exit strategies. We employ Cloud, Crypto, Elastic, AI, GeoCoding, Mobile using diverse Db’s and programming languages, developing in house from scratch.

The name? It was cool in the 90’s when company started and streaming video over the then dial-up internet was PFM.

The Site? Yes terrible, but we have never had to market and have a backlog of waiting partnering opportunities and ready to launch SaaS platforms.


Timely Opportunites

Innovative Ideas

Advanced Tech

Clear Direction

Miss being creative?

Work at B2DataStream


10567 Buccaneer Pt.
Frisco, TX 75036